[Discuss] Does anyone know if the Vessi shoes are at all good for parkour? I can't find anything talking about durability or padding.

Well, the best shoes is the one who feels comfortable to you and suits your needs. If it has some grip and decent reliability, why not.

I personally use Asics Trabuco, because I need a support for my foot arch that most snickers doesn't provide, and have orthopedic soles that have been molded to fit in these.

But i saw a lot of my teammates go for a cheap 20€ Kalenji that will last for ~3 months, and be happy about it.

I'd like to try Ollo some time, but they're not really worth the price (70 bucks for specific shoes that will die in 4 months, big nope for me). Don't know about the other ones like Storror shoes u/11orko was talking about, I heard good stuff about it, but I don't know how they last.

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