[DISCUSSION] - ***No Stupid Questions*** Spring into Summer 2021

If you're actually interested in learning properly I suggest you start with the major scale. I found the minor pentatonic has good results in the short term, but now I need to learn the major scale anyway as it's like the starting scale for a lot of stuff. My main reference is now the pentatonic minor, which sounds good often enough, but I find it hard to break out of it when jamming.

Learn the interval ( w w h w w w h ) and the shapes/positions on the fretboard. Learn where the root notes are and how you can form arpeggiated chords (caged system). For me it was a bit abstract learning all this and the minor pentatonic made it easy to play simple licks, but as I said, I'm kinda stuck in it now, going back to the major scale anyway.

Also, learn how chords are made up in a scale, why the I is major, the ii and iii chords minor, the V7 is dominant (I think), but the IV is then a major 7 (I think). And when you start to understand how chords can sound together, you can do that with arpeggios as well and well, make music :p

Tl;DR: I'm on the same path as you (not that far along neither), I've learned a lot of stuff so far, but I feel like early focus on the minor pentatonic is limiting me and I wish I would've pushed through the abstract phase of learning the major scale a bit better

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