[Discussion] CJ Anderson potentially set to be traded/released by Denver

Why did Miami go after CJ last time?

Because they clearly weren't in love with Ajayi

Why did Denver match their offer and now have lost all interest?

Because Booker looked better than him whenever he was on the field.

Why did Miami seemingly trade away a RB who supposedly proved himself in the previous season for what seems like peanuts?

Again, because they weren't in love with Ajayi and because they obviously felt they had something in Drake.

Why have some of us questioned Drake's ability to handle a full season's 3-down workload?

This literally means less than nothing. We're wrong about everything all the time.

Why wasn't Drake the premier back at any time in Alabama?

Same reason Alvin Kamara wasn't the premier back at Alabama (at the same time no less). Incumbent starters + embarrassment of riches at the position. Also Drake broke his leg his junior year when he was slated to become more of a fixture in the offense.

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