[Discussion] In defence of sellers.

Yeah you can totally do that with Nike or Adidas actually. It’d be highly and idiotically naive to think a multinational conglomerate wouldn’t use the best customer-centric practices...Well not in the sense that you’ll RL and get another pair, but if you got a shitty pair you’ll absolutely get your money back. I speak from experience with both the 2018 zebra release (got pics of just how defective the boost looked. Don’t know if it was functional-wise but aesthetically it looked like it would come apart).

Lastly, if you’re trying to defend the fact that MUKS wanted that other customer to accept those fucked up shadows, you’re either paid or dumber that I thought. There’s no way that any customer should accept that pair, and defending it is unreasonable and highly idiotic. It’s different when there’s an obvious batch flaw and people should accept them as is because that’s what’s currently the best available, but defects or flaws that simply ruin the silhouette are big RL’s. I don’t personally want to care about the middlemens problems as this is a business they decided to get into, and the problems they face are the nature of the business. Don’t like it? Simple. Dedicate yourself to something else. I’m a design engineer at an oil company and dealing with Indian corporations that try to get us for every dollar every single time is highly frustrating, but it is the nature of the beast and I should switch careers if I feel like this is too much, shouldn’t I?

Lastly your post kind of makes sense and I agree with a little of it, but don’t defend defective or shitty pairs when we are paying customers. And we pay a premium for a reason.

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