[Discussion] Dog breeds with distinct “lines”?

For lurkers.... You might be reading that European dogs and American dogs are different.

That doesn't mean the European dogs are better, healthier, or a better choice for you!

There are breeders in Europe who are essentially puppy mills or large scale backyard breeders, preying on the ignorance of American buyers who think European dogs offer something "better". I've seen quite a few of these breeders get titles and health testing on their dogs (which may be required by their registration body) and it seemingly legitimizes their sales. However, it doesn't change the fact that these dogs are NOT being treated like family members. They are kenneled and used until they can't produce anymore.

Additionally, you can find American breeders who acquire these dogs and tout "European lines". THAT DOESN'T MAKE THE DOGS BETTER.

Please, please do not fall for marketing scams.

I am not saying there aren't excellent European lines and breeders. My own dogs have close relatives (sires, grandparents) directly from France and Belgium. By all means, foreign dogs can be an excellent complement to American lines. But there are absolutely scammy breeders who are looking to take advantage of people who don't know better. Please be aware that shady breeders will use "European/country specific lines" as a marketing technique to fool people into thinking the dogs are worth more, are healthy, are better, whatever.

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