Aight Party, we get it, someone paid you to have a whole song about their tequila brand.

Pretty sure that song went on three times longer than the average time it takes to pick out a bottle. People say party doesn't come through with decent lyrics, and I never believed it until that shit.

Singles were all absolutely fantastic. Especially at misrepresenting the quality of the rest of the album. Huge fan of Party, but I didn't fuck with the rest that much, aside from a couple of songs. Some of the production was interesting in an awesome way, but that didn't make up for how slow the whole album felt, Like damn, Work, With You, Come and See Me, and Not Nice had me envisioning a different album.

Party is crazy is crazy good at coming up with interesting cadences, but it feels like he experimented a bit too much with the idea of him leading the song on a sparse beat on this one. He had too much room to improvise on the slow songs, and it shows- the tight melodies I've come to expect from him recently are kind of hard to find on this project.

That being said, I'm sure people are going to be all about it

I will say, he maintained a vibe throughout the the whole project, which is pretty nice.

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