Discussion: Forcing BGs To Queue Premade v Premades

agreed. the current situation is cancer. you're pretty much forced to premade yourself if you want to have any fun in wsg as 9/10 games are against premades. and even if you do and you're the one stomping it's still not much more fun than getting stomped. challenge is what makes pvp fun. the most fun i have doing bgs is pug vs pug or premade vs premade games where either side has a fair chance at winning. when i was premading for rank 10 it just became mind numbing playing vs pugs, it's like farming mobs, you have to try to lose.

the only people who disagree with a change like this are the unskilled premaders who shudder at the thought of actually having any difficulty or challenge in their honor grind rather than mindless pug farming. i can't wait until tbc comes out and we get arenas so most of these people can realize how trash they actually are.

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