[DISCUSSION] Frontline: Harvey Weinstein. As a writer, do you care who signs your paychecks?

I sold my breakthrough script to Harvey Weinstein. As discussed on previous threads, I recently launched a notes service in an effort to earn additional income and buy the property back from Maria Contreras-Sweet and Co.

As y'all can see in the "About" section of my heylittleraj website, there's a beloved, progressive actor who wants to star and direct. Unfortunately, even with his interest holding steady over several years now, it's hard to feel proud of the sale in light of the awful revelations concerning Mr. Weinstein.

More importantly, I wonder how many female writers never had a chance for their work to stand on its own merits. Did I sell the script because Mr. Weinstein connected to the protagonist dropping the n-word? Did he like it because the protagonist made other off-color jokes? Sure, the lead was a sweetheart in general, and the aforementioned actor is quite passionate about the project, but what kind of script did I write -- tone-wise -- that made Harvey Weinstein pursue and purchase it? And what does it say about me that -- whether it's in or out of the film business -- I may work with other awful people? Sure, it would only be out of necessity, but I hope that in the future, my moral compass points me in the right direction.

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