[Discussion] Be happy that you're poor

I respectully request that he be banned from /r/getmotivated

Same here.

I read his entire post about 45 min ago and considered replying but moved on. But it kept bugging me in the back of my head so I came to reply and saw that he had deleted it.

It was an incredibly condescending and demeaning post. Here's what I recall (not exact words, but pretty close, except that I'm using bullet points and he was more fluid in his description):

  • I'm very rich
  • I live in a mansion
  • I have a Tesla car at the age of 20
  • I find no joy in anything because I don't have to work to achieve anything
  • I couldn't get motivated by school or life so I did drugs
  • poor people look forward to their next car, or phone, etc and that's how they find joy and motivation
  • poor people should be happy to live from pay check to pay check because they can look forward to their next purchase

There was more but that's what I recall. I came back to reply with something along the lines of "give up your father's money and get a job to support yourself" but he'd deleted his post by them.

I don't doubt that he genuinely needs motivation but most of what he wrote was incredibly demeaning and un-motivating to other people here who are looking for real help and motivation.

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