Discussion: How do you feel about PokeVision?

Unfair edge over what is my question? The game of catching all the pokemon? Of conquering all the gyms in your area?

There is no real end game, This game is kind of old school in that Its not a hold your hand type of game or a game with alot of production or a set line to the end of the game.

This game is what you make of it, you have to make your own goals, Whether its to go around the world and catch all the pokemon, hit level cap, capture a gym and hold it, find your favorite pokemon. Or just meet a butch of people out in the world.

Because realistically do you think you will be the first one to catch them all? Are you taking off work and traveling the world to get them cause that's what some rich person is doing right now. When they finally have a event to capture mew or a legendary in New york are you going to be able to take off work to go get it?

This game was never going to be fair. Enjoy the ride ignore what others are doing its out of your control make your own goal and go for that.

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