[Discussion] How important is showing affection to you? How long does it take you to be comfortable with different types of affection?

Oh my god, all of them, all the time, please.

Words - tell me I'm funny and witty and smart and I'm a happy gal. I also like to hear I'm pretty, but I have a hard time believing it so it's a double-edged sword.

Touch - probably my biggest one. I look for some physical chemistry on the first date for sure - let's sit next to each other at the bar and touch each other on the arm or maybe you stroke my leg if things are going really well. I'm also a huge advocate of kissing for the sake of kissing and not for the sake of segueing into something else.

Actions - this is the one that's hardest for me to perceive as a method of showing affection, and of course I tend to get involved with guys for whom this is their primary love language. My ex hated doing all the shopping and errands and crap that I enjoy (or at least don't mind), so he perceived it as a show of affection when he would come along, even if begrudgingly. Of course I appreciate when someone does something nice like unloads the dishwasher or picks me up at the doctor's office, but I have a hard time separating "being a good friend/human" and "showing me affection."

Gifts - Receiving gifts isn't super important to me, but I am an AWESOME gift giver because I remember small details about someone and am very dedicated to hunting down perfect gifts. I remember an ex telling me about how he got into baseball - he really liked this player Barry Larkin for some reason. So for his birthday one year I hunted down an autographed card from Barry Larkin's rookie year, which happened to be his birth year. Of course he broke up with me before I could give it to him, but the thought still counts, right?

Wow this is a lot longer than I expected GUESS I'M FEELING AFFECTIONATE TONIGHT

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