[Discussion] How many platinums did you get this year and what was your favorite one?

I just realized that I've gotten 22 plats this year, which is a personal record by far, considering I'm sitting at 54 atm, possibly even 55 before the end of the year. Had my account since 2015, which also marks my first platinum. Trophy hunting has always been a thing I needed to be in the mood for for it to be enjoyable. Sometimes I just simply wanted to grind Borderlands 3, or play Warzone and Battlefield 4 religiously with my friends. Considering that I've been attending a boarding school for 3 years (graduated 2021), I've only been able to play games on the weekends and holidays, and now with the whole Covid thing, aswell as having almost too much time on my hands since August anyway, my platinums started to ramp up. I may have included more info here than I needed to, but considering the end of the year, I suppose reflecting on it fits with the theme, even if it's just in the light of digital achievements. Been among the top 10% scorers at my school for the graduation certificate though, so that was certainly my favorite platinum, some good news in an otherwise pretty wild and messy year.

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