[DISCUSSION] Isaiah Rashad - The Sun's Tirade (one year later)

I didn't even know it has been a year already. I rolled one and walked through the woods as I listened to this yesterday. It was A1.

Zay is probably my current favorite rapper from this decade. I don't have a good enough way with words to give this project the praise it deserves, but his flows, the way he conveys his emotions and issues, the way he hides lyrical nuggets in plain sight, revealing his baby mama issues, drug dependencies, and self hatred always keeps my ears perked for what I might have missed in his music, even after several listens. On top of that the production and his cadences creates a very tangible atmosphere , especially on songs like Bday or Stuck in the Mud second half. Idk what else to say, this is a great album.

When this dropped, I loved it first listen, then went cold on it for a few months. But over the last year I've been finding gem after gem as I dug through this project, it's easily my top 3 from last year only behind Tribe n Danny

Top 5 Songs (no order):

Park Bday Dressed Like Rappers Stuck In the Mud Tity and Dolla

Who else had to let this one grow on them? Favorite songs? Or anything to add?

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