[discussion] little dogs in the big dog park- is it okay? is it my fault? wtf?

she has been through 2 training classes, and we are on our third, thank you. I really enjoy doing them with her. The park is also brand new, like put up in Sepetmber and I am one of the inital and more frequent patrons there. So I wouldnt worry about offending any long-timers and I really thought my request for dogs to play in their proerp sections is a reasonable one

I do remove her from the situation, like I mentioned in my post, and take her for a walk to redirect, and if that doesnt work we just leave. But I guess I just don't fully feel right with having to remove my pup for playing in her correct section.

she's not aggressive. She has never attacked, growled, or even shown teeth, to little dogs or big dogs. She has no interest in little dogs, unless there is a coat. She thinks it's play. She wants to play with the coat, not with them. and to get to the coat, it has to come off. I'm not trying to justify this, its crazy to me too, but I just want to be understood that it's not aggression. If the other dog starts to cry or bark she backs off immediately, but the problem comes when the other dog doesn't make any noise whatsoever (like today) and they just start running. so she runs too, to get the coat. it's not an issue with all dogs, thank you, it's an issue with small dogs that I have, like I stated in the post.

I won't lie, its definitely scary and I wouldn't blame any owner who is worried about their dog in that situation. But she is not aggressive and she's not trying to hurt them, and if any large dog tried to injure your little one, there wouldnt be much you could do in an unleashed play space. so why take the risk and bring your little one in there?

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