[Discussion] Need Motivational Advice?

Hi everyone, I'm 23, and in graduate school and realised that this area may not be for me (I'm doing Social Work). Before this, I was in medical research and I was very good at it (won some awards, completed 3 internships at various labs) but realised a PhD would not be ideal for me (from what I've been told, you'll basically be unemployed due to the sheer number of students doing life science PhDs).

So I'm very, very depressed right now. I'm thinking of just dropping out of Social Work and switch to an IT degree, to get programming skills. The reason is that IT can be used any where, but the degree will costs 60k all up (I'll be on 100k debt, but since I'm Australian, there's no interest fees, and we only pay once we're making money over a certain threshold).

So, I don't know. I'm worried about if I go this route, Ill be unemployed, too. lol. I'm just so worried and stressed and angry, because my hard work in undergrad really didn't mean much because no one told me about the reality of medical research and employment prospects, and now it feels like im picking up the pieces of my life and trying to find something I'm passionate about, this "late" in my life.

I've been feeling as though I don't want to live anymore, too, but, again, I haven't acted on it, it's just a feeling. And this is what worries me about Social Work, because of the trauma that other people ex[perience, and I'm expected to help them, which I can't do now as my own life is a mess.

I don't know what to do, I just want someone to listen, because irght now I feel like absolute shit.

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