[Discussion] Please help me plan out a stereo rig.

You have several problems running a stereo set up with the gear you have now: 1) your loop master true bypass looper is mono 2) you are running a lot of stuff in the amp's fx loop 3) you don't have any way to split your signal from mono to stereo without harming your tone (just using a splitter cable is not a good idea). 4) your volume pedal is mono so you have to run it in front of your amps. I run my VP in front of my drive pedals so this is not that big of a deal. 5) your delay & tremolo are mono so you cant run it in both amps fx loops, but delay and trem sound bad pre-distortion. [disclaimer: before someone says "there are no rules for pedal order just do what you think sounds good" I am aware of this.] Have you considered ditching the cusack trem and delay? You already have the mobius and timeline so those should be able cover both those pedals.

If you are really committed to using the amp's distortion and thus using the amp fx loops, you will need to get something like this and put it at the end of your mono pre-amp chain: https://www.jhspedals.com/products/guitar-pedals/buffered-splitter/

If you are still committed to running stereo and using the amp fx loops, this is how I would run it:

guitar > loop master switch > Loop 1 pog2 > loop 2 wah > loop 3 mxr distortion > loop 4 volume pedal > loop master switch out > jhs buffered splitter > amp inputs > amp fx sends > timeline L/R > mobius L/R > bluesky L/R > boomerang L/R > amp fx returns. You can reverse the timeline and mobius, I just prefer having delay before my mod effects. Doesn't make sense to me to delay a tremolo or something.

All of this sounds like a setup and tear down nightmare, as you will have a total of 5 signal-carrying cables running back and forth between your board and amps. If you have a failure during a live set it will take forever to diagnose and repair.

With all that said, to avoid this type of complication I just run super clean amps and do one big chain into the front of my amp. When I run stereo I just plug another patch cable from my timeline to my big sky, and from my big sky's right output into the 2nd amp.

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