[DISCUSSION]/[QUESTION] Custom guitar or a stock Schecter? (Similar price range)

I really dig the idea, but I can't shake that feeling that this is something that is best done when you already have a "workhorse" you are happy with. Especially when you are within reach of the "guitar you always wanted to own" (paraphrased), and this would put that dream in the backseat again.

That said, I am always a bit careful with things like this. I do like the "main arsenal" of my gear to be on the traditional side of things, as it makes for more access to community knowledge and tips.

That said, a credentialed and well-referenced luthier should not disappoint. You also get a better story.

But for me personally... I'd go with the Schecter and rather do the custom-route at a later time, when it would be an addition to my gear rather than the main guitar.

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