Discussion: Rule 5, Trap Ban, and How to Proceed

Diversity in the mods so there would be people who can give reality checks and determine if the debated issue (bans, rules, posts etc.) actually has a point. Let's say a person makes a really good post about proper criticism against the mods. The mods can say "he broke the rule be nice, ban!" or at least a warning. The newer mods could stand up and say: Well... this guy actually has valid points, he shouldn't get punished for saying the facts. Or "Let's ban the word trap, becaused it's homophobic" and the newer mods will say HOL THE FUCK UP!

I got banned for making fun of the 2nd Rule with posts, where reaction memes could fall under it, I also called out holofan4life for posting reaction memes and farming karma which gives him mods. We are giving him a mod for the fact he is popular, not his skills.

I got banned for being not nice but funny enough I still get comments from people who are on my side.

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