[discussion] [stolen watch] share your theft victim stories, or your theft recovery stories!

I just say no to San Francisco. Nevertheless, I got my car broken into in San Diego when I left a bag in there at my carport overnight. And I have no memory of putting them in the bag, but I think I lost my Timex Marlin Reissue and Seiko Dolce SACM171 to that theft. I guess I put them in there to avoid sweating on them? I also lost an HP 15C Limited Edition calculator, a pair of Sony 1000MX-or-something headphones, a Kindle Oasis Gen 6, a Thinkpad W520, and the Filson bag itself.

Fortunately the Kindle had a passcode and the laptop was encrypted, and my precious slide rule collection was safe indoors...

Oh, the laptop had a month of work on it that wasn't backed up.

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