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I think it's telling that 2/3 of your examples are scenes with Leia. It's clear that they were stringing together deleted lines they had from the first two movies.

In the very first trailers for The Force awakens you can see Leia giving Rey the lightsaber, those scenes were cut out of the first movie, but I think they were reused in this one, that's why it's so awkward, they wrote in Rey giving her the lightsaber, just so they could use the shot of her giving it back.

The line "Tell me when you get back" seems to have been a line she had with Han from the first movie too.

The "Never underestimate a droid" part was equally as clunky and just like the others they must just have had her saying that line, and put it in. When Rey goes back to it, it's actually not with C3-PO and the map, it's when BB8 blows up the stormtrooper chasing them.

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