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I don’t think anti semitism is as systemic in the US as other forms of discrimination, but it’s crazy how widespread it is anyway. It starts with your run of the mill “Jew jokes.” People say them to my face all the time without issue. Then the next level is the vague belief that Jews are in control of it wide sectors of the world like entertainment media banking etc. Then it’s full on (((Soros elite))) conspiracies. And well after that it’s just a matter of time till there’s violence. I used to not see the connection between the other forms of anti semitism and the latter one, but they all kind of form a base for it and normalize anti semitism. A lot of Jews like to think of themselves as white, but we’re definitely still the “other” in the eyes of a lot of the population in the US. And a lot of people hold low key anti Semitic beliefs even if they don’t identity themselves as being anti Semitic.

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