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Sadboi hours:

I’ve been dealing with some health issues for a while that come and go for a while now, but have gotten more persistent over the past year.

Last week I ended up in the doctors office requesting blood work for the 3rd time hoping something will turn up. I had an episode last week where I barely had the strength to walk a few feet and every step and every arm lift I had to coach myself. These days are killing me, because half the effort is pretending I’m fine when I’m not.

I saw someone new, and requested she test my thyroid (noticed that’s never been done) and she said “Oh I will. But I used to be a neurology NP before I did this and I think you should be looking into seeing a neurologist for possible MS”

Got a letter in the mail, all my blood work came back normal.

This is not something I want to talk about IRL or even to my family, but it’s hard to pursue further testing because I have days where I’m literally fine. Then I have days where I wonder how long I can do my job. But I guess that’s how all diseases start, then they just get you.

Not to mention I’m 26, and a loner, if I were to have some kind of neurological disease I’d be fucked after my parents died. Life’s a bitch man.

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