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As always Elon Musk gets a kick out of doing things a bit strange and out of this world. He recently became a father for the second time and thought it would be original to name his new born daughter .. Exta Dark Sideral Musk or simply§“ Y “ as a nickname.

His first Son also has an original name. He is known as 

XAE-12. Name given to him in honor of the Lockheed

A-12 Super Plane. His nickname is “ X “.

All this strange name calling shouldn’t surprise us. In recent conferences in Qatar he hinted audiences that he just might be an extraterrestrial walking amongst us. I guess he wishes to prepare his children to that fact,

Somehow this was one of the comments

If I were to do fictional action I would like to do something with the same feeling/tone as the first Predator flick. To me that is one of most perfect examples of an action movie. The first Die Hard too but less humor.

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