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AROUND 7 PM on Sunday, 26-year-old Sumit Chandoke’s cellphone began ringing. It was his friend Sadiq Khan, crying for help with an agitated mob pelting stones at his house located about 500m from Chandoke’s house in the Sanjay Nagar locality of Khargone in Madhya Pradesh.

Chandoke, who is suffering from a tissue disorder, immediately sent his younger brother Amit to help Khan and his family. “By the time my brother reached there, Sadiq’s house was burning. Amit rushed their kids to their relatives’ house further inside Sanjay Nagar before returning to save their two-wheeler, which the rioters were trying to set ablaze. In the bid to rescue Sadiq’s family, Amit was manhandled by the rioters,” Chandoke said.

Heartwarming ❤️

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