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2 games in and it seems to me that the largest issue with Vicky 3 is that the systems are too generalized.

In US history, the abolition of slavery was the defining conflict of a century which involved unfathomable effort and resource expended on both sides. Vicky 2 modeled this by making it impossible to abolish slavery as the US and launching a unique civil war after a number of special events. Vicky 3 was supposed to model this by making the generic landholder interest group so upset at attempts to abolish slavery that it lunched a generic civil war. In my latest game, I abolished slavery within 5 years with nothing but light grumbling from the generic landholder group.

My other game was Japan. It felt just as generic as any other country; barely any flavor to capture the drama of the Meiji conflicts.

Other minor issues I have:

  • Far fewer provinces than Vicky 2, makes playing small countries less interesting.

  • Very much as a command-economy style that we see in other strategy games. Somewhat less so, but it's closer to generic strategy games than it is to Vicky 2 in that regards.

  • Plenty of other people have already mentioned how bad the UI is.

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