Discussion Thread (Jan 22)

Seriously, from what’s been shared on this sub, you have over 20 books regarding the benefits of retention. None of which you have to pay for. You have compilations of great research done by people like u/RebornInLife. You have transmutation methods POSTED ON THE SIDEBAR. You even have step by step instructions from users like u/Fusion-Health. You have to use this sub and not be used by it. By that I simply mean, do not become dependent on this sub for stimulation. It takes self-awareness to realize when you are giving too much attention to something. You’re at a point in your life where you’ve made the amazing decision to value your seed. I am incredibly proud of you for making that decision. Now, make an even greater decision. Value your attention. Spend more time in meditation, nature, and books. Spend less time surfing forums and indulging in retention porn and you’ll get amplified benefits from your practice. After a while, you may feel like you don’t even need this sub anymore. So many great minds have left the sub peacefully. What did they figure out that you still haven’t ? Something to reflect on.

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