Discussion: Tom Cruise was right to be upset and to chastise crew members on his set but people are fundamentally misunderstanding how film sets work and what the social distancing rule was there for in this case. My viewpoint as someone who works in Film and TV.

I take your point. And I fully understand why it's being done. 100 percent.

For me though, socially distancing when you are not working, even though you are likely living together, travelling to work together, eating together (in my experience with enforced gaps in seating) is the equivalent of putting a band aid on an amputation. If one of those people is sick, that instance of social distancing is likely an irrelevance.

The main issue I have is with how quick people are to judge other people who have basically the choice between working in what you describe as a 'possible super spreader event' or starving. That has little to do with Cruise himself, or his rant and more to do with how workers are treated. That's why I got annoyed by people being so quick to call for people to be sacked or whatever.

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