[Discussion] [vent] People at the dog park upset that my dog won't play with theirs

Yeah dog parks bring out both the best and worst owners. I met a couple who had two large greyhounds and the ONLY dog they ever played with at the park was my Husky. They were so amazed by this that they went as far as asking if I would be willing to stay at their place for a week with my dog (and their's) so they could travel. Never ended up doing that, but it was cool to see the whole "you're a good owner, so maybe you're a responsible person" thing play out.

And at the same time there was always a lady there with a huge Rottweiler (nothing against the breed, but sometimes you gotta keep an eye on a dog that strong) who would do nothing but sit on the bench and read the paper. If anything did happen that involved her dog, she'd just shoo the other dog away and yell at the owners.

I love dog parks I just wish people weren't allowed in them, sometimes..

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