[Discussion] The way certain guests are discussed on this sub

I made fun of a recent guest on LOLI (not going to name her, but she was on the Pittsburgh episode and then later the Columbus portion of Columbus/Baltimore). She got a lot of hate here because she contributed nothing to the show except interrupting the other guests to say "I agree" and to insert a drawn out laugh at every little thing. Hahaaaaaaa woooooooow.

I'm a white male, and I did wonder why I haven't had such a strong reaction to any white male members of the panel. Maybe it's bias, I don't know. But after thinking about it some more, Alyssa, Erin, DeRay, Brittney, and Mayor Michael Tubbs have been the only good and interesting guests that stand out to me. I saw Denver live, which was Lovett, Alyssa, and two white men I can't remember. I do remember walking away thinking the two white men were just there, they didn't contribute much to the show. They had a white transgender person some months ago who blurted out "Fuck white people" and the crowd was painfully silent. Understandable sentiment, but it sounds forced and weird coming from a white person. I'd like to think I'm not biased because I've been put off by various guests that check all the demographic boxes, none motivated me enough to actually complain on Reddit as that one a few weeks ago did.

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