[Discussion] Would you use a free service that aggregates samples?

Saying its uncreative is such an ignorant statement. Yes, you're using someone else's work, how does that undermine your creativity? You described a pretty lazy way to use samples and yes I agree that's not groundbreaking. But do you realize what you can do with samples? Stretch it, pitch it, put effects on it and morph it into something else entirely. Turn it into a melody or use it as ambience.

Do you play the drums or do you have your very own personal drum kit with your own sounds? If not, you're using samples. You don't have to be uncreative with samples if you don't want to. And samples don't have to be strictly from music. You can turn a sheep into a synth.

Look at jpegmafia and Death Grips. They're sampling and they're being very creative while doing so.

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