[Discussion] Would splitting HA into the Shielded LMG class and a Launcher class help?

i think the better solution would be to fix the shield instead of the guns. how ? * increase shield capacity (yes that is a buff! read further before lighting up the flames!) * introduce a brief (~0.5-1sec)activation delay for the shield (this is the counterbalance nerf)

the actual changes would depend the type of shield used. resist shield could get more absorb and capacity with less delay when compared with adrenaline shield (which would get the smallest cap increase (or none) together with the biggest amount delay).

goal of the change:

this would make the shield a much much more preemptive ability instead of the currently very often reactive use. mostly people are pissed off when they get the jump on an HA and the HA simply pops the shield (perceived as the iWin-Button). this would be a thing of the past. the very noticeable delay would make such a reactive use MUCH less effective if not impossible

on the opposite, when used preemptively heavy could balance out the maxes much more effectively then before. the shield would give them more time to make these rockets count.

In addition for that, i would think two further adjustments would make the shield a much more team oriented ability: * further decrease strafe speed with an active shield (nerf) * but increase the forward speed with an active shield back to 100% (buff)

With these changes (capacity/delay/movementspeed), heavies could really become the second line of defense in a team (behind or even beside the maxes). currently the forward slowdown from the active shield is conter productive when used in a squad formation.

on the other side, the strafe speed nerf would make the shield again a much less effective 1v1 tool.

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