Disgruntling, embarrassing, and expensive (two misdemeanors) with Park Rangers

Okay I cut this down a lot. It is necessary to know that for the past three months I have been in chronic pain, depressed, and suffer from social anxiety. So not at the peek of my emotional control. I decided to pull myself together and went to the beach with my son. I got permission from the rangers to bring my ESA (trained and paperwork on person) on the beach. Everyone understood. My son freaked out in the water so the dog did what she was trained to do, and went in after her. ESA got tangled on leash. Sat her down and undid the leash from around her body. Noticed child had taken off. Ran off after him, forgetting about the leash. Get there. Tell son to come back to our area. Dog gives me her "I have to potty look." I take her to the bushes to poop. And wait. I have stuff to clean it up with. Suddenly there is a huge white male in my face. He screams at me," Are you going to pick up her shit!" I point to the bucket, and just continue to stand there while I wait. "My daughter is allergic, do you have an epi pen!" (we are no where near his daughter, and he walked up to me) I calmly tell him not to talk to me. I think I said, "Please don't talk to me sir." He then proceeds to tell me the law. Well scream it. "Dogs aren't allowed on the beach, there is a lease law, my daughter could die." I tell him she is a ESA, and to mind his own business, and please don't talk to me. He then says,"I can talk to you if I want to. I will do whatever I want with you. You had that filth (points at dog) on the beach, and in the water with our kids, defecating in the water." I don't like misogynistic people. I don't like people not respecting me or my wishes, and I don't like people to take ownership of my person. I also have very bad social anxiety, and I get really scared of people when they scream at me or threaten me. But, I also have PTSD, and half the time when I get scared/triggered, I get angry. So fucking angry. I stuck my face in his face, and screamed "don't fucking talk to me. If you think you have to right to do whatever you want with my person, then why shouldn't I?" He yelled something about being a good Christian boy, and I yelled loudly enough for his entire family including his daughter to hear,"There is no fucking god, you are going to die alone." (I really didn't mean to yell that loud or involve the daughter....I feel really bad about that). The guy raises his arm like he was going to hit me, and I say, "So what, you are going to hit me now." He doesn't. At this point his entire family got involved, so I walk away. I learn the rangers have been called. The ranger gets there, and that's where shit goes bad. He comes up to me acting like an ass that was born from an ass. He demands, "why the F have I been called here?!" So I tell him. At this point the white asses walk up to us, and I tell him I don't feel comfortable speaking to him with them right there, and ask him if he can ask them to please leave for a second. He looks at me like I'm an insect, and tells me that he knows how to do his fucking job. And I tell him well then I can't talk to him any longer. I was just getting to the part about the guy threatening to hit me. I never got a chance to tell him that part. Anyway he does ask them to leave, but I notice he does this much more politely than he started off talking with me. I notice this and alarm bells go off in my head. So I just tell him I'm done and he tells me to get my ID. I walked back to my car to grab it out of my purse, along with my ESA's paperwork. I said okay, I would just give him my ID and explain we had to go, and I could pick it up at a later date. I walk down there and hand him my ID, and open my mouth to explain that we need to go. Before I got a word out he points to the side of him and very meanly and loudly says, "Mam, sit down there. Right now." What why? I was confused, so I said it, "Why?" "Sit, down now!" "Why?" "Sit down or I am going to throw you in the dirt and handcuff you." "Yes but I have to,......" At this point he reached for me, so I just sat down. I was like 10 feet from the family. Just staring off in space. They were calling me cunt and white trash, and all sorts of things. To distract myself I started making conversation with a woman in the water. I think I said loudly enough for them to hear, that I wonder if my lawyer would take the case. It was an accident, and I kind of mumbled it, but they were making hand gestures, and pissing me off. Suddenly I hear behind me, "Sir, she just threatened me." I turned around and they were all pointing at me. Finally, I looked at the officer and said,"please ask them to stop speaking to me. They are not being very nice." His response. "I can see the whole thing out of the corner of my eye. They aren't doing anything, no stay seated!" That was it. I hadn't done anything wrong. All I could think of was the damage control I would have to do for my son, and getting back to him. He thinks of police as people who "got out of bully school." He is terrified of them. I walk back to our area, and the Ranger runs up to me and says, that I have to vacate the premises at once. I said something like,"I'm going." I told the officer that I take responsibility for not having the leash. And I'm sorry. I'll expect a ticket in the mail. And he follows me yelling many mean things to me. Saying things like, "You think you have all the answers don't you. You think you know everything." I have no idea where this came from. I told him we were leaving, but he just kept following us right up to the parking lot, where he screamed,"It's clear to me you are the instigator in all this. That man didn't do anything. You went up to him and started screaming." I am giving you a misdemeanor for disturbing the peace. I was totally blown away. I have such bad social anxiety that I don't approach anybody, ever. Also, this would hurt my career. I have worked for State agencies my whole life, and currently I am looking at working for the state of PA. I can't have a misdemeanor. Secondly, I pride myself on my honesty. He was basically calling me a liar. I turned around and looked at his retreating form and said, "You are biased towards me in some why or another. Maybe you don't like the way I look, maybe you don't like that I'm highly intelligent. I don't know. But you are paid by the people of this state to discern the truth in any situation, and handle it accordingly. If you cannot do so, if you let your blind prejudice guide you than you are unfit for this job, and you should probably look in to sucking dicks for a living, because you sure got down on your knees for Mr. FattyWhite over there. Yeah....I said that....I know. Please I know how dumb that was, but I was just assaulted and then given a misdemeanor for no reason. I then walk a couple of feet and realize I shouldn't have said the dick thing. I am nice and above that, and well I knew it would bother me that I was mean. I honestly didn't care about the misdemeanors at this point, b/c it hadn't sunk in. I walked back and said, "Listen I don't care about the misdemeanors, but I am sorry I said that to you, that was rude. I hope you accept my apology." He walked right up to my face, all red in the face and "yelled I don't accept your apology, as if it matters to you." "You have disturbed this place long enough, now leave the premises or I will handcuff you and take you in." Should I contest the charges? This whole situation should have been handled better, by me included, but I don't feel like I deserved the charges. I feel like the Ranger took a situation and made it a thousand times worse. Yes, I know the dick thing was why out of line, but he had failed as an officer of the law at that point, and he was just another human jerk. Also with all the news going around about police brutality might have made me say it just a little, for all the people that are treated like insects.

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