Disgust growing over vaccine protesters' Holocaust comparisons - Demonstrators seen wearing yellow stars, holding pictures of Anne Frank

You dipshits are preaching actions having consequences, and you will see them in terror attacks, an economy buckling under millions being fired from their jobs (do you think thousands of truckers leaving en masse will have no impact?), and probably some riots. Don't get me wrong, it won't be that bad. Conservatives lack the balls to really do anything, but you will face serious consequences as some will have the balls to react.

I never said we shouldn't worry. I said this is an overreaction by a corrupt system who has built mistrust. You failed these people and your shocked they don't trust you? Also, at worst, this is as bad as the Hong Kong flu back in the '70s. It doesn't even reach the 1921 pandemic. You people ate misinformation and now you are overreacting. You can treat this like a serious disease without thinking it's the black death.

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