That's not true. I'm a schizoid person who sees the world different than the average person. That doesn't mean I don't know what spd is about, it just means you want to banish me and get me to stop talking. I'm schizoid and this is how I see the world, the way I think based off of the symptoms of "schizoid" are going to vary. I'm not autistic, so I wouldn't fit into the autism sub. This is a subtle vote that society engages in to bully someone out of the group when they don't want to face a big hard truth. I'm as schizoid as it gets and if you don't think so, explain why you think I have no clue what spd is about. I even had a psychiatrist say I am to make it more credible so I don't understand why I need to somehow prove I'm schizoid. It's hilarious how society doesn't let you define yourself. I'd be fine if I said I think I'm a woman -- that I have no problem with -- but I bet if I said I was a woman born a man I'd get less backlash here. I'm a hermit and I'm asexual and aromantic, even if I'm not schizoid, I relate very well with the disorder, and I think I am it in fact. It's weird how a sexuality will be protected but not the belief one has a personality disorder by the age of 26 years old and much time thinking that over. Why should I have to explain what makes me schizoid? Just because I didn't say everything that makes me a schizoid in the post, I'm told I don't know what spd is about. Ridiculous and targeted bullying imo. There's nowhere safe, no outlet. This is why I became schizoid to begin with lmao.

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