The Dive mentioned half of LCS were not in favor of new scrim blocks. Who do we think those were?

I was hoping to build up a discussion about teams, but I can add in my own opinions to the post in an edit.

I feel as if C9 players are much more reluctant to change, specifically Fudge. The org as a whole has very specific structures and schedules in place and considering how things went with LS, would probably be very hesistant to adjust those.

EG and 100Thieves seem like teams that would push for changes based on how the orgs present themselves and their commitment to developing NA talent. With the teams we know who were pushing for it and the Korean scrim environments they seem to be creating to drive an effort in NA as a whole, EG and 100T seem like likely candidates to support it based off how Jojo, Doublelift, and Bjergsen talk about the game/competition.

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