Diversity and Comics in a nutshell [X-men Black: Mojo #1]

...Just, no words. This is like saying, "I agree with Trump about how we need to invest in automobile manufacturing, and therefore I absolutely HAVE to agree with everything else he says, no matter how vile and repugnant."

Like, of course the Comicsgate people have a few good points ("America" sucks is a big one), but it's one thing to say you agree with that and another that you support a movement spearheaded by proven racists, sexists and homophobes and responsible for the appalling harassment of female and minority creators.

And honestly, this is the last time I'm dragged into explaining why Comicsgate is bad. At this point, you either know about it and support it anyway (which makes you a racist, sexist asshole by association) or you seriously don't know basic stuff (which makes you a dumbass).

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