Divinity: Original Sin’s team “love it” when players break the game

Lol i really love the options and encouragement the devs gave you for cheesing, especially vs enemies that seemed unfairly difficult.

When i finally decided to fight alice, i was already done with the rest of the island/act and still found her hard. So i kept scoping out her area to find out what i was doing wrong in her fight. At some point, i realized there was a section of the water below that you could walk in and decided to just toas her down there and, at the very least, take advantage of my new highground (ideally outside the fire).

IIRC, she didn't die from being teleported, but it dealt a shit ton of fall damage to her and i finished her off easy down below.

Just like BotW, DOS2 really allows players to solve problems in their own creative ways, which I think might be my favorite concept in gaming.

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