I want a divorce but am to scared to ask because I don't want a messy break up

I'm in the same situation and I don't know what to do. Know her for 20 years, married for 7. Two kids (4 and 1,5 y). No much interested on sex anymore and kids suck all our energy. Routine are necessary for kids but I started to feel that I'm not really happy about myself.

One year ago I started to get close with a coworker. She's in a similiar situation of mine and the more we talked each other the more we started to fall in love. I feel bad and guilty only for the reason that I feel something very deep and unique about her (and she for me). Even if we think to divorce from our parterns we don't know the amount of damage we could do to ours childrens. Also the age difference could be a problem: I'm 38, she's 51. It's painful to think that we have to forget everything just because probably it's an "impossible love".

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