I want to divorce my wife so bad but I dont want to hurt my kids. Is there an age for kids that is best to wait to divorce? Are 8 and 5 year olds to young to process?

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Ironically I work in a 9-5 average wage job in a family court. Money is not an issue now

Bum comes from this....In the 15 years we have been married I spent 10 years working for IBM as a marketing manager. I held that position for 10 years until my whole team were laid off.

After that, mainly due to anxiety and depression It took me 2 years to find another job. I literally got told by the VP of Cisco in an email after 4 interviews for a Marketing Manager position I had "great qualifications but seemed nervous in the interview, and they needed a take charge person. Not someone with anxiety. I had about 50 interviews til I got this job i have had for 3 years.

So bum was because i was home unemployed looking for 2 years. Bitch, asshole, jerk is just cause she's always angry. She could call me a jerk in front of my kids for leaving my shoes not right next to the door.

What do I do for her. In what context, I provide for my family, I take my kids everywhere. I clean I work, I still buy her stuff. Not sure what else you mean.

My kids hate piano and being forced to learn 3 new languages. They hate not being able to have a Friday night off to watch a movie. They cry to me they dont want to do it.

My older son goes to a semi private school. He applied and out of 100s got in. He is in grade 3. Piano was a large part of that and her work but to me there needs to be a balance.

You seem like a reasonable person who is able to look at both angles. You ask smart questions. I appreciate your reply. I wish me and her were truly able to converse like this and make compromises.

The truth is I would support the help out of my kids if they wanted to play piano or sing. But they dont, so I dont know if forcing them to do it is going to be good long term. Same as more languages.

I am also supportive of homework. But I believe in rest and pleasure too. A work/life balance. Fridays, vacations should be breaks

The truth is that I dont get a say and my wife and I are polar opposites. It sucks.

Your right there prob isnt a best age. I honestly dont even think it would bother my 5 year old much.The only thing I guess I really need to determine is when will it hurt them least, age, time of year etc.

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