Divorced people of Reddit, what happened and could it have been saved? [Serious]

She disappeared for like four hours one night mysteriously after saying she was going to the gas station. She came back super-drunk— Not just like super drunk— Almost like she was fucked up on benzos or something— Super out of character Anyway:

"I've been using you this entire time, I'm going to keep on using you. Here's how it is: We're getting a divorce, you're going to give me everything I want— Or I'm going to tell people that you were abusive."

"I'm not abusive though."

"You think anyone would fucking believe you!?"

"Good point."

"What do you want—?"

Then she proceeded to dismantle my life out of spite, denying visitation unless I spend it 'supervised' with my n-parents, because leverage. She was our income, and I was the childcare. I haven't had a job in a while because I had no skills, and when she left with the kid— I said fuck it. You want to talk about situational depression? I made my life about my kid, from ~8-8 every day, and now I can't even see him without people's fucking shitty judgement. They came up with their own self-satisfying arguments that I'm crazy, and they adhere to it, because the moment I started trying to take power back in my life—I became very unpopular. I have other stuff going on, like work stuff— If you could call this work.

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