DIY: How to Mod a Seiko Skx Diver's Automatic Watch

I started the New Year by modding a Seiko skx and I thought you guys might like to see some pictures of the process. I swapped everything except the case, movement, case back, and hands. Disclaimer: In case you are a watchmaker I apologize if some of these pictures hurt your eyes. I am neither a watchmaker nor an expert. All my knowledge comes from reading forums and watching a few videos.

I included links at the bottom of all the part used for this watch and any questions feel free to ask! I also included a picture of a snk I modded for my gf a while back.


Also, if you have questions about specific parts I'd recommend emailing dagaz or yobokies. In my experience yobokies is way nicer, but they both get back to you. I did not buy all the parts from them because I wanted to save some money.

Dagaz dial

Bezel Insert

Coin-edge by directional bezel

Polished Chapter Ring

Double domed crystal aka bubble boy

Esslinger Crystal press (I’d recommend spending a little more on the chrystal press. I bought my first one from ebay and it was dog shit so I had to throw it away and ended up spending more in the long run)

Hand press

Latex finger cots

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