DMs that have allowed the Tasha custom lineage , what interesting character concepts have you seen?

I had this one character who was the son of a Genie and a farie. The farie was the sole survivor of a freak tragedy and the Genie found her in a moment of sheer desperation and despair. He coaxed her into wishing for a family and he granted the wish by marrying her and creating their child, mostly molded in his own image. Wishes that get turned cruel was sort of the big theme for the character, and he more or less looked like an earth genasi with skin made of rocks and a head of crystal spires in place of hair, but he had moss growing on him in several places, fleshy insides and took the fey touched feat to better represent his fey heritage. It was a breakfast club style high-school campaign and the character was played kinda like Bender, an asshole with misguided heroic tendencies who got a kick out of having power over people, with his dad being a controlling narcissist with a constant presence in his life who could give you anything but it would always be wrong and you would still be left dependant on him.

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