DMs, what do you think about Tasha's optional class features?

I’ll personally be allowing them, but some may feel it steps on some classes toes

Rangers get searing smite, clerics get a bunch of aura spells and druids get aura of vitality. They were previously almost exclusive to the paladin.

Wizards get even more spells, didn’t they have enough already? You could argue that augury and divination should be cleric exclusive, and now druid and wizard get them as well. Wizards, although they have to commit to learning the spell, have the spell better in some ways as they don’t need to prepare it.

At least they didn’t give warlocks animate dead, but I guess you could argue teleportation circle is a bit broken. You can create loads of permanent ones for free if you ever have a time skip, and you can teleport across the entire world almost for free if you have an hour to rest. Giving them the summon spells (duration 1 hour, the same as a short rest) has a very good interaction with extended spell, but sorlocks were already broken.

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