I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I’m really scared

Hey there - I work in surgery and can give you a bit of a preview which might hopefully help.

Gallbladder surgery is very common and a regularly operating general surgeon will have done plenty of them. Nowadays it's done laparoscopically with about four small incisions in the abdomen.

During your appointment, the surgeon will ask what kind of symptoms you've had: pain, what it was triggered by (fatty foods in the case of many gallbladders), nausea/vomiting, fevers, bowel habits, etc. Then they'll ask about your history, things like heart/lung/kidney/liver/blood sugar/thyroid/other medical problems, daily medications including any blood thinners, allergies, and past surgeries, especially intraabdominal surgeries. Then they'll do a quick physical exam, mostly pressing on your abdomen, and that's about it. Assuming all goes well and your insurance checks out, they'll set a time for you.

If you have any other questions about the appointment or the surgery itself, feel free to PM me.

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