A doctor shamed me because I didn't wear a bra to my molescan appointment.

That doctor should find another job.

I had breast reduction surgery a couple years ago. During the appointments leading up to the surgery, the actual surgery, and the follow-up appointments, it seems like everyone and their dog is going to see you without a shirt.

I ended up with an infection. When I went to the Emergency Room, they gave me a gown. I put it on backwards and then laid on the bed. The doctor was so sweet. He kept covering up whichever breast he wasn’t examining.

He decided the tape over the sutures needed to come off. I opened both sides of the gown, so the nurse could see what he was talking about.

I appreciate the modesty. But if nobody is embarrassed, why do we need to go through this performance?

A couple weeks after that, the sutures split from my nipple down. When I went to the ER, the doctor came in and I took of my shirt to show him. He was uncomfortable. The nurse was not.

Why is that weird?

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