Doctor talked to nMom and decided I shouldn't get treatment

Thanks for this. I'm afraid I can't report it without making my situation even worse; all the doctors talk to each other, my mother's on our state medical council, I have to live with said mother and I rely on this doctor to prescribe those antibiotics. And any doctor approving major surgery when I'm young will also be scared of litigation, so if I want to get it at all I can't have a history of making complaints!

The best thing I can do (I talked to a disability advocacy group) is to tell future doctors explicitly in writing that I don't want them to talk to her about me. But that might still make the doctors suspicious of me, because they only know her friendly public face... and it still won't stop her from approaching them socially and telling them what she thinks.

I just feel almost uniquely trapped. She's terrifying and seems to control everything. But it's been reassuring just to vent here, at least for a little while until I delete this out of fear of her!

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