Doctors gave Victoria's health department a list of ways to improve hotel quarantine. They didn't reply

Well said, it's becoming increasingly impossible to be critical of Dan without being labelled something. It feels like you either need to pick a side, one the Dan side he's done everything he can and its everyone elses fault and everyones out to get him, on the anti Dan side everything is his fault and he should be ex-communicated from the country.

I've worked closely with private security firms through my work and I have a family member who has worked in private security for 2 generations, both as a guard and a company owner. I feel I know these companies well.

When I first heard private security was implemented in the hotel quarantine, my immediate thought was concern. I am well aware of how poorly these firms manage their staff and how unequipped many of the guards are. To be blunt many of them are glorified statues. If I know this, how does Dan, or one his advisers involved in this not know this? At some point, someone had to have raised the issue that these companies are not equipped to deal with this.

Should that blame go all the way up to Dan? I'm not sure, but it needs to be investigated

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