Doctors of Reddit, what was the worse thing you've seen for a patient that another Doctor overlooked?

Not a doctor. My kiddo had their gallbladder removed after several horribly painful gallstone attacks. The third trip to the ER for this pain a doctor finally did a scan instead of just giving pain meds and sending home. He was livid kiddo had been neglected like that because they were young.

Fast forward. Has the gallbladder out because of so many stones and continued pain. Within a month theres new abdominal pain. Kiddo would bloat up sometimes like a gawdamned balloon. Nausia. Vomiting. Weight gain despite not eatting because their stomach was always burning.

So many trips to the ER people. Different ERs. Family doctor saw kidddo. He ordered a ultrasound of the stomach, kidneys, where the gallbladder was, and all the connective tracts. The head of ultrasound cancled it because a previous xray showed most of the kidney stones were gone (yeah poor kids full of stones) so doesnt need a scan. I flip my lid. I say her family doctor is the only one with the full picture and says she needs this.

Department head comes out full of themselves. Only doing the kidney because this is a waste of time. No connecting ducts/tracks will be done. I am livid but Im overridden.

More trips to the ER in pain. Missed school. Missed work. Stopped going out with friends.

But kiddo has anxiety and mental health and is female being seen for of course they keep telling her its in her head.

Nope. They nicked her bile duct in surgery and bile is leaking into her abdomen. 3 years of pain because 'its all in your head'.

Shes going to require two surgerys to repair it and remove some scar tissue.

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