Dodging thunderblight help!!!!

I’m guessing you are fighting Kirin? Best I can offer is keep doing what you can and be patient. Bring extra honey to make more mega potions or bring max/ancient potions. If you really need to, don’t be afraid to use an S.O.S flare. Kirin is one of the harder monsters in the game for sure. Also having your palico with the healing wasps is your best bet.

Sadly beyond that if you can’t get passed something then working toward getting what you need to win is what needs to be done. Monster Hunter isn’t a game where you can just cruise through it blind without a lot of effort in most cases, even if this is one of the easier games in the franchise.

It also depends on what weapon you are using. He is very weak to fire elemental damage. But beyond that I am unsure what else I can offer as far as tips. Worst case come back later to the hunt when you have progressed more and acquired better gear with more defense/resistances.

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