Does an electric fence work well enough to deter a reactive dog ?

I have a GS/husky mix. She is 50 ish lbs. we have the wireless fence ( pet safe stay and play) Its plugged in, inside the house and emits radius of where she can go in a circle around our house. She ran out of the yard two days into to taking down the flags (that we walked multiple times a day to show her the parameter of where she could go) if she passed the flag, her collar would give a warning sound. She got a quick shock once or twice the first day. The second or third day, my neighbors got home from a trip. They called her over to give her a treat like they usually did and she took off across the street FaST. Ran through it, but our type of system doesn’t stop shocking for thirty seconds once tripped. She yelped, cried & cowered down. I took off running towards her, phone hit the concrete, I twisted my ankle running to her with tears flooding my eyes... Tried to get to her when she stood up and turned right around. She ran into the covered porch and she’s not done that since. BUT...

The battery in the collar dies. As an owner you have no notification of that. Or the unit can become unplugged. My dog is reactive to other dogs. Not always. Usually if her humans are there. I’m not sure what your dog is reactive to but I just wanted to share. Best of luck.

((And yes it hurts my heart that I must do the electric fence. But I’d hate some one or their furbaby to be hurt and I’d sure hate to have to put my baby down.))

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